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basic fingers



Basic Fingers is an open-minded concept with quality edits and reworks for an underground disco/house generation. The Disco/house edits and reworks label hails from Sweden and is sister label with Gold Finger.

Basic Fingers premier release presents two classic tracks reworked by two of Spains finest DJs Daniel Kyo and Koko Garito (aka Kiko Navarro). Daniel has taken Stevies classic Superstition and stripped it down to a raw and gritty house workout with a dark basement feel. A perfect secret weapon and absolutely stunning if you ask us! On the flip, Mr Koko has reworked a classic Skipworth & Turners 80s jam. Staying true and honouring the timeless vibe of the original track Koko simply added a few production touches and made an updated club version for 2011.

Basic Fingers is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Stevie Wonder, Gredit, ChangED, Kool DJ Dust, Mr Mendel, Kon & The Gang, Norman Connors, Windy City, Illvester, Jazzy Jens, Celia Cruz, Femi Kuti, Tego Calderon, amongst several others.

Soon to come on Basic Fingers : new releases from Mr Mendel & The Reflex. Also : New Gold Finger release in the works.