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Argon Records represents the US dubstep label launched back in 2010 and run b Nick Argon.

The label released Drum & Bass on its first 6 records and via the sublabel "Xenon", then, after a break, started to release Dubstep.

Nick Argon is the label owner behind Argon Records, one of the biggest dubstep labels around and with his great ear for music for this label, his DJ selection has the same high quality.

Nick Argon owns and operates Argon Records, one of dubstepís leading and longest-running record labels. Argon Records was an early innovator in the dubstep scene, introducing artists such as Matty G, Tes La Rok, Clouds and Babylon System.

In 2010, Argon Records celebrated a decade in the dance. That year saw releases from long-established Argon Records artists as well as new artists, including Von D, J:Kenzo and Blasta.

In addition to running Argon Records, Nick Argon is a world-renowned DJ. He has performed at top dubstep nights around the globe including DMZ London, Dub War NYC and Smog LA.