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Andes Digital Music



Andes Music represents the Label based in Santiago, Chile and launched in 2007. It is owned by Francisco Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot.

Francisco is today recognized like one of the best djs and producers of techno of a new era of chilean artists. On 2001, at the age of 20, Francisco starts mixing records on little parties in Santiago and in a short time, helped in a way by the boom of electronic music in Chile, he became part of the professional circle of Chilean djs. On 2003, he releases his first album, Vacas Locas, an independent CD with 9 tracks that was very well received and triggered the prize of BEST NATIONAL ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN given by Ballantines Pulse on March 2004. 3 months after Vacas Locas, Francisco releases Cyberpunk EP an independent 12" with 4 new tracks, that made him start touring different cities of Chile showing his work.

In April 2005, Francisco won for second time the prize BEST NATIONAL ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN given by Ballantines Pulse, and in May he released his third work Edicion Limitada de bajo Presupuesto touring different cities of Chile.

Back in Chile, starting 2007, Francisco associated with his long time friend Marcelo Rosselot and started the first Vinyl and Digital Record Label based in Chile, Andes Music, in order to promote southamerican emerging artists. On March 2009 Francisco participated and won first place in the PATAGONICA DJ CONTEST on March 21st in Vina del Mar, Chile.

After three years of silence, in 2013, the first Chilean electronic vynil label founded by Marcelo Rosselot & Francisco Allendes, makes its comeback screaming out loud with the Camel EP, including a D.Diggler remix. Early support by tINI, Shlomi Aber, Gel Abril, Yaya.

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Francisco Allendes Camel EP

Francisco Allendes

Camel EP

VÖ-Datum: 19.02.2014
Label: andes digital music
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