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Adrenaline Tracks



Make You Dance, known for its successful labels 'Neophyte Records' and 'TiLLT' , proudly presents: 'Adrenaline Tracks'. A brand new hardcore label focusing on rising talent with a promising future.

The hardcore scene needs new faces, faces of the future. To do so, talents need guidance to develop into true hardcore heroes. Hardcore veterans Jeroen Streunding (Neophyte) and Kelly van Soest (Evil Activities) both agreed on this. It didn't take long to decide it was time for a new label giving new talents the opportunity and the support they need to develop until they can stand on their own feet. This has led to the beginning of a new era of hardcore: Adrenaline Tracks!

Right from the get go, up and comer Distorted Revelation drops ‘The Horizon’ on AT001 showing exactly what Adrenaline Tracks is all about: energetic, exciting, outstanding quality hardcore.

But it’s not going to stop there, Adrenaline Tracks is continually looking for fresh faces and new talent - you could be the artist they’re looking for!

Adrenaline Tracks is responsible with releases from acts such as: Distorted Revelation, Dazzler, System Shock, The Illusionist, Prankster, Synthax, MC Jeff, Nevaro, and new others to come.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.