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access tunes



Access Tunes represents a Division of JamX & De Leon's Fate Recordings, founded in 2004. The german Hard Trance label Fate Recordings was launched back in 2002 and developed an impressive back catalogue.

DuMonde was a German trance duo, consisting of Jürgen Mutschall (aka DJ Jam X) and Dominik De Leon (aka De Leon). With the success of their debut single "Tomorrow," Germany's Dumonde joined Europe's late '90s mounting mass embrace of trance culture.

Created by Jürgen Mutschall (Chaos Records handler and better known as DJ Jam X) and Dominik De Leon (aka De Leon), 1999's "Tomorrow" hit Germany's Top Ten and a staggering amount of major label trance compilations throughout the world. Dumonde's animated synths and wantonly exalted sense of drama continued in remixes for Alice Deejay, Push, and Barthezz and their rising DJ popularity, matched by follow-up singles like "See the Light" and "Never Look Back," made them reasonably important figures in the landscape of mainstream German trance. - Dean Carlson / All Music Guide

At the end of 2007, JamX and De Leon split up, although Dominik De Leon still does DJ performances under the name DuMonde.

Access Tunes is the home platform for artists like: Nelka, Lodge 68, Alias, JamX & De Leon, and several others.