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Wolf & Lamb Records



Wolf + Lamb Music represents the independent music label established in 2005 and based in New York, USA. At first, there was The Wolf + Lamb digital created in 2005 as an outlet for the owners productions, alongside the music of artists influenced by their events. As early adopters of digital DJing, they set out to make a digital label of distinction.

In 2008, the american imprint has seen them break into the vinyl market after spending a summer in Germany to source production. In a daring mood within the current climate, the quality of their music has brought them great success. Representing a laid back dance sound in electronic music, Wolf + Lamb embodies the melding of influences from contemporary music, vintage and beyond.

The Wolf + Lamb Music is run by Zev Le Wolfe & Gadi Mizrahi aka Wolf + Lamb. Some wild extremes make up the whole that is Wolf + Lamb. Extrovert and introvert, vegan and carnivore, cancer survivor and social saboteur – you’d expect no partnership like this could last for long. But for over a decade, these differences have only sparked the seismic energies that Zev and Gadi bring to dance music. They’ve never cared much for current convention – for being "fast enough", "hard enough", or "cool enough" to win favor with the party culture hype machine. They play passionate music that moves hearts, and not just feet.

From their subterranean throwdowns in their Brooklyn corner known as the Marcy Hotel, to the 2005 founding and continued expansion of their family of labels, amid the warm winters and electric environs of Miami – it’s always been about the two of them enjoying life, learning to live with each other, and making friends and fans that become part of the family.

And of course, they think the game is best when it’s not taken too seriously – a bit of foolishness, on the sly, colors everything about Wolf + Lamb. House music maestros and hip-hop horticulturalists; desert communitarians and urban nomads; savvy entrepreneurs and autonomous anarchic creators, Gadi and Zev shift seamlessly between these roles. As music makers, the two draw as much inspiration from their label cohorts as they do from each other, which makes for a definitive dose of the Wolf + Lamb aesthetic in their upcoming album, to be released in summer of 2012.

Wolf + Lamb have collaborated with established artists such as Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson, They also publish emerging local producers inspired by and connected to their growing community, including Nicolas Jaar, Smirk, Sergio Giorgini, Le Loup & No Regular Play. The original sound of Wolf + Lamb comfortably settled into techno, but the release of Bear Valley EP in the summer of 2007, saw them flirt with the friendlier sound of house, a direction since reflected in their production, their label's music and their parties. The label's latest release is from Wolf + Lamb: Brooklynn EP.