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Question Of Time



Question of Time stands for quality electronic MUSIC. Since its foundation by J. Daniel in 1995, QoT has released timeless records that create unique cerebral experiences.

At its heart is a belief that dance music is truly about losing oneself in the moment. The label desires to be the catalyst for such dancefloor escapades.

Over the years, QoT's music has been called many things - deep, acidic, dark, subliminal, electronic, and emotional, although in the end, the root of all of its club music is house and techno.

After a lengthy hiatus, QoT returns from a new U.K. base, but with the same, some would say, innocent ideals. The label's goal is simply to release quality electronic music straight from the heart.

The relaunch of the label was planned for two years, and from early 2012 Question of Time has once again been release MUSIC on a regular basis. Our releases are available on vinyl first - because QoT believes in the pure spirit of the 12-inch format - with digital releases following later.

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