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It is more than a mere belief that we are going to trascend beyond our biological limitations with the help of technology. A positive alternative to face the attitude of reflecting everything that is new to stop the change is about to come.”
Transhuman is clearly influenced by the first wave of techno sounds, in all it ´s wide range of many styles. Experimenting new possibilities, but never loosing it ´s identity. Although the main idea of the record lable wich is clearly open to other styles. We can find Electro,Dub and IDM and many other tunes influenced by the electronic industry. The nature of the record lable, is to emphasise on the relation that humanity have now a days with modern tecnology,and the other basic idea is to look deeply into what has becomeone of the mostexistential crisis between man-kind and our surroundings. This way, we want to set out in our work a clear and positive message, manifest so it makes us think and leaves no one indifferent.