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Silvana Records



Silvana Records is an independent label based in Germany, Suttutgart established by Enis Caliskan - which strives to find new talents all over the world. We sign artists directly to the label. Artists and productions from abroad benefit from our network through individual license deals we negotiate allowing them direct access to the world market. Silvana Media is the exclusive worldwide distributor for Silvana Records. Silvana has expanded it's horizons over the last few years to support a selection of the some of the most inspiring international up and coming artists, including Sparabrother, Breeze & Quadrat, Ell-Er, Narkosky and Harun Karabulut to name but a few. With an often sporadic but consistently forward thinking release schedule, Silvana is run with a passion, and is unafraid risks to release out unknown artists, regardless of the 'commercial' prospects of those tracks. We like all dance and electronic genre: Progressive, Tech, Minimal, Techno, Trance. House, Electro,...