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PitchBend Recordings



PitchBend Recordings is an innovative record label, whose purpose is to support fresh and talented upcoming artists, and provide them with opportunities to work alongside already established names on the global electronic music scene.
The idea behind the formation of PitchBend stems from its creators? passion to discover amazing talent that might otherwise be obscured from the wider listening public, and to give it the exposure it truly deserves. Our musical vision prompts us to delve into the exploration of a carefully selected range of styles, with the main quality filter being the power of the sensation delivered by a tune. We do not limit ourselves by the notion that one superior genre exists, but instead prefer to focus on the energy and mood conveyed through a recording.
What we look for in music, is the radical interpretation of acoustics brought about by genuine artistic inspiration. We concentrate on offering superior quality, originality and bold innovation through the releases of our hand-picked artist crew, as we believe that these are the essential elements that define the electronic music sound of the future.