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After 3 years of hosting events IWW has gained an enormous reputation in nightlife not only in Munich but also all over Germany . The team consisting of Maxâge, Sebastian Galvani and Fabian Kranz is trying to invite the best-known and most passionate international artists to one of the most famous clubs of the Republic, the Harry Klein. Gabriel Ananda, Format:B and Daniel Steinberg to name but a few.

Right in time for their 3rd anniversary, IWW is taking a further step into the scene of electronic music. They are going to release their first record with their own label IWW music "Jazzy Jeff EP" written and produced by Fabian Kranz, accompanied by remixes from Alex Q and Andrea di Rocco. Further releases are produced one the one hand by the residents of IWW or other local artists and on the other hand by artists like Amir who are already known in the scene. Be prepared for a new rising label trying to establish its name on the international house market!

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