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four music



Four Music (FOUR MUSIC Productions GmbH) is a German record label founded by Die Fantastischen Vier in 1996.
four music was originally located in Stuttgart, but has moved to Kreuzberg, Berlin.
The most popular musicians and groups signed on Four Music are

Max Herre
Joy Denalane
Jason Rowe
Son Goku
Miss Platnum

and some more hip hop, reggae and black music artists.
2004 was a very prosperous year for the label. Max Herre''s debut album, Confidence by Gentleman and Viel by Die Fantastischen Vier were among the Top 3 in German album charts. The same year the opening concert for the Popkomm solely consisted of artists signed on Four Music. In July 2005 the record label Sony BMG Music Entertainment took over 50% of Four Music Productions for a seven-Figure sum of money. The money is now used for supporting musicians.