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The label Formatik was founded by Jakob Hildenbrand und Franziskus Sell Alias format:b. The goal was to create a platform that could represent the genre mix that is Format : B, properly. Fotmatik's objective is also to release music that targets the dance floor whilst staying modern and funky. Franziskus (Formatik)" We won't be sticking to a certain genre with this label, our main criteria's will be a good groove and originality. It won't matter if the artist is a new face or someone that is already well established. We think it will be exciting to release our taste in music on vinyl and then to see how things progress. In order to maintain the quality of the label we will be releasing a maximum of 5 vinyl's per year, and for the more experimental side of things there are also plans for a digital division. we are proud to say that Hamburg's wordandsound will be our distributor. The mastering will be done at Dubplates Mastering in Berlin. We have secured the artists Hugo, Daniel Steinberg and of course Format : B for our upcoming first releases due in September and December 2009. There are further release planned for 2010 with other artists and demos are welcome!

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tobi kramer aye patch

tobi kramer

aye patch

VÖ-Datum: 28.02.2013
Label: formatik
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