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Electric Romeo Records



Electric Romeo Records was founded in 12/2008 in
kassel(germany) by german dj & producer Bernd Kuchinke.
He`s makin noise , makin party , makin records &
tracks in the eighties , the nineties to the present.
So he had different releases the last years on
several labels (with his project burned on ministry of sound - a clubbers guide to germany)and now he decided to create his
own platform electric romeo records.
But it`s not an ego thing for releasing only
his own tracks. It`s also a label for his friends,
his posse and producers who fits to the labels
That means a third way between cheesy commercial
stuff and boring Underground Click Click.
Electric Romeo Records trust in sharp electro , pumpin House , euphoric nudisco and some
intelligent minimal aspects.
In 2009 electric romeo records start`s with 3 releases.
The artist list of electric romeo records included
australian based dj & producer hermes (melbourne)
and german producer nogales , who do remixes for jean claude ades (JCA) , Swen Wweber , Tag Team and mixed
Bernd Kuchinke`s Single How does it feel.
In the beginning 0f 2010 ELectric Romeo Records
has a successful story so far . 11 releases with sellings on all continents and a myspace featured artist nomination by german top act schiller .

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11 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 11.