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Dj Smash



DJ Smash is Russia's most famous DJ. He played at fashionable parties in Paris, Kurshavel, Monte-Carlo and San-Tropez. He debuted as Fast Food band producer in 2008. Together they created track ?Moscow Never Sleeps?. New hit made Andrey very popular not only in Russian Federation but also abroad. Andrey played at the final part of Night Life Awards 2008 on 5th of March 2008. And at the same day he won The Stylish DJ Award at World Fashion Awards from Fashion Channel. On 1st of June 2008 DJ Smash appeared on one stage with 30 Seconds to Mars, duet Morandi, Jennifer Lopez and famous stars of Russian show business at MUZ-TV Annual Award in Moscow in Olympic sport center. At the beginning of September second teamwork of DJ-composer-producer issued, 26 years old DJ Smash and Fast Food band ? Wave.
Video for the song made Pavel Khudyakov (video for Dima Bilan song ?Believe? and for Stas Pyekha song ?Na ladoni linya? (The Line on the Palm)) in Los-Angeles. On the 30th of October 2008 was presentation of new album IDDQD (the code of immortality in game DOOM) in ?Opera? club in Moscow. Album includes teamworks with Dmitry Debrov, Discoteka Avariya, Timati, aleksandr A.Revva, Pavel Volya and, of course, Fast Food. Andrey debuted as singer with Luchshye Pesni (Best Songs). Disc was released with Gala Records label in November. On the 8th of November 2008 DJ Smash opened night club ?Face DJ Café? in Yekaterinburg. At the ?MTV Russia Music Awards? in Moscow (28th of November 2008) DJ Smash and Fast Food received Debut of the Year and The Best Dance Project Awards, but on 29th of November DJ Smash won his first ?Zolotoy Grammofon? (Gold Record Player ? Russian Annual National Award) and on 6th of December he opened Song of the Year (Annual festival of Russian show business). In the March 2009 video for Best Songs issued.

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