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compost records



Compost is one of the most prolific, highly acclaimed and in demand indie labels in Europe. Compost and it's sublabels Compost Black Label and Drumpoet Community standing for quality music, a sophisticated mixture of electrifying disco, house, techno, soul, jazz and a little bit of pop.

Compost Records was founded in October 1994 by Michael Reinboth, DJ since 1980, composer, music journalist, club- and party organizer and promoter, producer, scout, publisher of an magazine called “Elaste” in the early 80ties, a football fan and a dedicated record collector (more than 70.000 vinyl).

In the years that have passed his label has somehow not only represented the correct edge but most importantly has given this scene a true base enabling DJs and artists a feeling of being part of something truly meaningful! It hasn’t been easy as there’s always someone ready to put you down but after enough time you achieve collective strength to knock the cynics off! Today all of clublife is looking at Germany a little like the French touch a few years back and where Daft Punk led the disco revival I feel truly excited at the impact Truby, Jazzanova, Kruder, the Fauna Flash crew and the whole Compost family will have on world clubbing related music!

The first release “Fresh In My Mind” by A Forest Mighty Black went straight to an small underground-hit, sold nowadays more than 6.000 12inches and founding its channels to the playlists of DJs like James Lavelle (who later founded MoWax), Gilles Peterson or Kyoto Jazz Massive.

Compost Records evolved in its 15 years of existence from a small one-man bedroom label to a very productive and creative business located in a Loft-style office in East-Munich. Today Compost Records has about 30 exclusive artists and 60 non-exclusive projects, 350 releases (fragmented in ca. 100 CDs cat no and 250 vinyl cat no), plus several releases (circa 100 cat no) on five subsidiary labels: Drumpoet Community, Angora Steel, Compost Black Label which are active, vital and bubbling, while the previously before 2000 founded sublabels Compose, Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR) and Compute are inactive unlively, but Compost exploiting most of the back catalogue of the inoperative labels. All label trademarks are part of Compost Medien GmbH & Co KG.

The highly as “true classics” (De:Bug magazine) acclaimed compilation series V.A. “Future Sounds Of Jazz” (Vol. 1-11) compiled by label boss Michael Reinboth were the blueprint of Compost’s successful compilation series. These compilations are always state-of-the-art musical extracts. The V.A. “Future Sounds Of Jazz” and V.A. “Gluecklich” series are both credited and praised in the “Best of top 25 compilation series of all times” in magazines like “Mix Mag, “Groove”, “The Face” or “Jockey Slut”.

20 years, over 400 catalogue releases, over 3000 songs and remixes and still going strong!