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Born January 1, 2011, MAGMA REC is the home base of Steve Martin and is looking for artists, producers, DJs, from America and Europe who think like him, and have the same vision of what should be move the night. MAGMA CONCEPT label is more experimental, than with a specific aesthetic design, it should not be forced to dance, but try and give free expression to artists who have ideas outside of the commercial fees. The sound of MAGMA REC is a diverse mix of influences and unique sound, which denounce the influences of the past forced the personality of its creator, but with a strong sound focus on the future, always integrating technology, enriched with new and fresh musical instruments. MAGMA MAGMA REC CONCEPT debut with the first releases in February 2011. Special events around Europe will promote new artists and new releases of Interest.

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various pleasure collection-liquid chill out


pleasure collection-liquid chill out

VÖ-Datum: 13.06.2005
Label: magma
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