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Alchemy is an independent music label who was born into the Bakerloo famil in 2003, when co-founders Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri joined forces.

Mauro Picotto is an universally acclaimed italian DJ who began his music journey in the clubs about 28 yars ago. He's been all around the world plaing and partied at the best music events. His djing and music passion make him the first most successfull italian DJ, recognized worldwide thanks to the quality music he had always producing. Selling millions of records over the years, Mauro had continually reinvented himself, and also in these days he's producing and remixing new artists. Mauro has released massive tracks including Bakerloo Symphony, Iguana and Komodo, though his fame is mainly due to Lizard, a track that turned into a musical style, receiving awards and accolades from all territories, pusing Mauro to the Olympus of the Top 10 most popular Djs in the world.

The british imprint is now world renowned, well established within the Techno scene and has given Mauro the opportunity to share the music he loves with the world....A true Alchemist of Music.

Artists on this label : Jewel Kid, Joseph Capriati, Mladen Tomic, Sasha Carasi, tom hades, secret cinema, The Advent, Luca Lento, markantonio, Jason Fernandes, Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri, Tom Hades, Irregular Synth, 2000 and One, adam beyer, DJ Unique, Gymmy J, Carlos Beltran, Eric Harary, daniele papini, and many others.