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7 oz records



7 Oz Records represents the Italian label founded by Fabio Fioravanti (aka Mr. Rovat) and Siddharta and launched in 2008.

After 15 years of music (from ska/surf to techno), in 2008 Siddharta founded a label company which would showcase his musical visions. And thatís how 7 Oz Records was born, together with his dj/producer friends Fabio Foravanti, aka Mr. Rovat.

Mr Rovat started his career as a dj in 1994 crossing through many style of electronic musics.
Producer since '96 under a lot of alias for too many different project's.... from dancefloor to cinema soundtracks. He is now co-owner and producer of music label 7 Oz Records with his partner Sid.

Together they are Sid & Rovat and S_R. Both of them are experienced DJ & producers from Rome that specialized in Techno, house, electronic and experimental music since the early 90's...

7 Oz Records is a label, but it's also an ideal home where self-expression is encouraged, where collaborations bond, or simply, a place to bring into ideas and thoughts. This music label wants to follow the 'factory' ideal, once very active in the avantgarde art scene of the sixties.

Mission: Making music for the flavour of playing. Few words are necessary for a concept that's clear and simple. Fabio Fioravanti (aka Mr. Rovat) and Siddharta have given life to a new musical project, away from genres and sub-genres, trends and fads while never forgetting to keep an ear out to capture colors and sounds from the world outside.

Less definitions, more substance!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.