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7 noise



7 Noise represents the label from Madrid, Spain, run by Manuel Fernandez Llorente aka Prompt.

Prompt is a genre defying producer, mixologist, sound architect and classically trained musician from one of the finest conservatories in Madrid, Spain. Originally known as Manuel Fernandez Llorente, self-appointed his artist name as ‘Prompt’ derives from the computer science symbol that appears when ones’ computer is ready to receive an input.

Likewise, this is the same way Prompt sees the world through his eyes—with music he uses inputs to create tracks from what´s going on around the world and brings them together both technology with humanity in one moment.

Having just completed courses in composition and orchestration, Prompt used different clubs as a testing ground for his sonic formations. Albeit through the pulse of the crowd and the hair standing up on his arms – Prompt quickly learned the art of keeping a dance floor moving. More specifically that harmonic arrangements should embrace the “less is more” and complex productions didn’t necessarily mean the dance floor would respond.

Thereafter, Prompt started making adjustments on his productions leading to his debut release called Evolve on his own label 7 Noise. Evolve was a formula that worked – not only with receiving critical acclaim and support by some of the world’s biggest producers, but the track was given a Beatport award deeming it as “classic” in the pages of underground dance music history.

As a club performer, Prompt is as unconventional as DJ’s come . . . so much that one can barely refer to him as a “DJ” -rather better known as an architect of live soundscapes with a killer analogue set up that nearly looks like he brought his home studio to the stage.

By crafting special live experiences according to the vibe of the crowd, Prompts music translates to world dance floors as a dynamic symphony transcending his shy persona through his artwork . . . his releases and live shows are responsible for outputs of sleek, intelligent yet driving strains of house and tech house music.

Today, Prompt Live is focused on the future and all it holds; at the same time he’s giving back to the same music world that gave something to him . . . he juggles the life of artist, producer/engineer, live performer and teacher/mentor (to underprivileged kids) all-the-while, above all—always remaining a student at the university of life .

While still active in producing upcoming releases for 7 Noise, Prompt is also preparing releases for Souvenir Music, Highgrade Records and a new Ep for Yoshitoshi.

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prompt Walk With Me


Walk With Me

VÖ-Datum: 10.10.2011
Label: 7 noise
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