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5d records



-- 5D.records --

Ideally seen, the 5th Dimension is too big a place for it to be captured in a room! It is a place where you find shelter, where everybody likes to be and where you can just let yourself go! A place so uncannily far away, but nevertheless within reach for anyone in the shortest possible time.

It is not a place where you "are"!
It is a place you experience...

An almost tangible component is now coming to that on the paper.
ELMAR STRATHE and FLORIAN FRINGS are trying to provide a place and an ear for their notion of high quality music with 5D.records.
The focal point here is danceable, dance-floor oriented electronic music. Just to describe everything with words like "techno" or "minimal" will indeed also not be possible.
You may manage to convey a rough orientation like "southwards" or "to the north" with descriptions.

Everybody should get the chance now to experience electronic music 5-dimensionally in 2013!

5D. Where creative theory becomes sound reality.