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50 weapons



The 50 Weapons label was founded in 2006 by Modeselektor, and was followed afterwards by the second label, Monkey Town Records. Modeselektor dropped a white label under the 50 Weapons alias incorporating 50 Cent’s vocals from "Just A Little Bit". Eventually it became an open secret that they made it, and the duo decided to continue Weapons as a label until it reaches 50 releases, and then they will dead it. So far, they’ve released a bunch of instrumental remixes of that original tune, called "Untitled". Recently they unveiled a compilation called 50 Weapons of Choice # 2-9, which only includes some of the the releases within the catalog, and some that weren’t a part of it.

At first, it was just like an anonymous white label seris, it had no artist names, no release information, no cover art, just pure high class DJ music. Modeselektor, Siriusmo, Housemeister, Moderat, Headhunter, T++ and Shackleton, Bok Bok, Roska and many more appeared on the earliest white labels, later bundled as "50 Weapons of Choice # 02-09", a CD that was released as an ultra limited and numbered compilation, only available in indie stores.

This year has found the label continuing to push the stylistic limits of its catalog, bringing renowned techno, dub, and everything-else explorer Shed on board for a single and an immense full-length, The Killer, while also enlisting the likes of Addison Groove and A Made Up Sound (a.k.a 2562) to join the label's core artists. From the moody, amorphous techno and UK bass stylings of Damage and Daneeka's debut collaborative album They!Live to the continually analog-leaning constructions of Cosmin TRG, not to mention the tech-infused bass and house workouts of label newcomer Bambounou (whose first full-length offering, Orbiting, is set to drop before the year's end), the musical path of 50Weapons is still as hard to pin down as ever.

In recent memory, few record labels have ascended to the forefront of underground dance music at the same pace and with such understated aims as 50Weapons. Yet somehow, between a constant touring presence, endless hours spent in the studio, and the litany of other activities Modeselektor piles onto its plate, the pair has successfully managed just that, taking the endeavor a long way from its—perhaps short-sighted—initial vision and molding it into one of the most trustworthy names for new and established artists to flex their might within the adventurous scopes of bass-minded production. Looking beyond the immediate plans (which include another Anstam LP, the aforementioned debut album of Bambounou, and the return of Dark Sky to the fold), Bronsert and Szary are hesitant to give many details when it comes to the label's future.

Contributing artists have so far included hot-shots of the grime, Dubstep and UK funky scenes, such as Shackleton, Roska, and Headhunter, Benjamin Damage, Cosmin TRG, Anstam, Phon.O, Dark Sky, Marcel Dettmann, Addison Groove, Shed, Humanleft, amongst many others.