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100% pure



100% Pure Records represents Amsterdamís longest running techno label, co-founded in 1993 by Dylan Hermelijn [aka 2000 and One] & Sandy Huner and now run solely by Dylan.

2000 And One (aka Dylan Hermelijn) has been on the forefront of electronic dance music since the late eighties. His pioneering vision across more than two decades of music genres, now ranks him as one the most versatile, in-demand international artists, commanding weekly performances on the house, techno and techhouse global club and festival circuits.
100% Pure Records(1993, Amsterdam) - In 2013, 100% Pure turns 20 years old, making it Amsterdam's longest running tech house label, co-founded in 1993 by Dylan Hermelijn [aka 2000 and One] & Sandy Huner and now run solely by Dylan. Not only recognised as a magnet for the clubbing crowds, 2000 and One is also credited for championing the sounds of Amsterdamís new school DJ and Producer generation and propelling the sceneís visibility into the international club headlights.

Based in Amsterdam, his involvement with six of the cityís finest techno, techhouse and house labels - 100% Pure, Remote Area, Area Remote, Intacto (with Shinedoe), Bitten and Bangbang! (with Sandy Hüner) has offered a framework for the new generation of producers to hit the world stage. Collectively these labels have offered a staggering amount of underground dance anthems and itís therefore no surprise that heís recently been hailed as the inspiration for Amsterdamís new sound generation, as well as the glue that binds it. Influenced by a hiphop background, it all began in the late eighties, when heavily infected by the acid house bug he produced his first record at 17 under his moniker 2000 And One. A passion for musical diversity saw him release across other genres such as ambient & drum n bass before he became one of the first successful Dutch technoproducers, as well as one of the first in this genre to perform live.

In 2013, the dutch imprint celebrated 20 years since its inception, and during all those years, 100% Pure is known for its diversity in electronic music. As early releases by the label where picked up by the likes of Dj Krush, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Darren Emerson and Michel de Hey. New talent as well as respected well known artists appeared on the label.

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Label: 100% pure
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