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RotRaum Music



RotRaum Music is a truly independent record label created in 2008 and specializing in electronic underground music. Located in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Kempten (Germany) with branch offices in Cologne (Germany) and Ses Paϊsses (Ibiza) RotRaum Music is constantly looking for some of the most amazing electronic music of our times.

RotRaum Music strongly believes in the power of deep black vinyl but all tracks are also released as mp3 files on the internet and sometimes even on cd. As if removed from time RotRaum Music is still dedicated to a long-lasting partnership with its artists and their different projects, some of them releasing their tracks exclusively on the label.

In 2013, RotRaum Music celebrates it´s 5th anniversary with this longplayer and selected new exclusive tracks as well as remixes from digital releases. Advanced Education - a résumé, a status quo, a look into the future. The first track, Kinky T´s "Epoca Musica", is a hypnotizing techno composition with a deep atmosphere and beautiful, bittersweet harmonics, while Adelante & Vogel come with a dark, analog piece of techno: "Gerät" stomps and breathes, both threatening and electrifying. The B-side starts with Nick da Cruz & Bill Wilson´s nice grooving techhouse remix of "Transition", which doesn´t deny the acid flavour of the Original by Pezuta.

The german imprint's artists roster is composed from artists such as Cheese-N-Onion, Mammutgroove, Kendo Men, DJ Wank, Blacks On Blondes, Deepnautice, Kinky-T, Frank Adelante, Ricardo Motta, MadEva, Kristoff Georg, Mr Gil, Nani, Daniel Gros, Itou, Alex Terzakis, Mr Micro, Nick Da Cruz, Ed Lanta, Kenny Dahl, Energun, Andrea Scardamaglia, Ultimate Breakers, Pezuta, Thomas Weser, Daniel Gorziza, Patrick Del Rey, Alberto Buitony, Chrisp, Sepia, and several others.