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Alexshapes & Chrisphere - Halcyon & Transit (Tainted Buddah Recs)
Alexshapes & Chrisphere - Halcyon & Transit
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Halcyon & Transit

Alexshapes & Chrisphere (Tainted Buddah Recs)

VÖ-Datum: 22.05.2011

Musikstil: Uplifting Trance

Artikelnummer: 10028782


Tainted Buddah Resc Presents:Alexshapes & Chrisphere - Halcyon & TransitBorn in Galati/Romania,Ciobanu Alexandru & Gheorghe Cristian aka Alexshapes & Chrisphere started producing music in the late year of 2010. Since 2006,trance music has been a passion for them,growing with so many non-commercial artists's music in mind they started saving some of the best music over the years, which later both agreed to share and promote some of the finest trance tracks in a few dj sets on an internet radio called "Trance Vibrations". Receiving a lot of feedback and tracklist requests from the listeners,they both agreed in expanding the ideea and started getting more into music production,drawing inspiration from artists like Probspot,Thrillseekers,Matt Van Wykk and many others. They started producing music in September 2010 and later in April 2011 got their first record deal with Tainted Buddha Recordings with the track Halcyon. Striving to achieve that warm dreamy sound that made trance what is it today and taking influences from other electronic genres such as Minimal/Progressive/Deep/Atmospheric is and will be their primary goal.

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Alexshapes & Chrisphere



Alexshapes & Chrisphere - Halcyon

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Alexshapes & Chrisphere

Transit (Original Mix)


Alexshapes & Chrisphere - Transit (Original Mix)

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