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Thilo Markwort aka Warmduscher, was born in Germany 1971. Very early he proved hisself, that he is interested in music. So his first record which he bought was in 1981, the club anthem Visage „Fade To Grey“. He loved all styles, like synthie pop, ebm, wave, italo disco, eurodance, and later on also techno.

Later when he was 18 years old, he trained strong to be a good dj, and so durig that time he met some very importand jocks on this way like Andy Düx, Ulli Brenner and Tilman Uhrmacher. Tillman was doing a great trancy show on Radio RPR, and he asked Thilo to be his assistance. At the end he worked 5 years together with Tillman for this well known radio show, but in 1998, he met Klubbingman during the marriage of Talla 2XLC, a moderator from the famous worldwide known radio sunshine live and stopped working for Tillman and RPR.

Slowly he got the stepps into sunshine live with his own show, and also some contacts to Kai Tracid. So at the end of 1999 Warmduscher was born. Thilo and Kai had a big chart success in some countries together with an amazing reaction from the club scene. Now Warmduscher was overbooked every weekend till now. The tracks of Warmduscher "Auf die Fresse, 10 Kleine Bassdrums and Säurebad" was for sure placed on every turntable in the world minimum one time. Every DJ or Djane played Warmduscher, and so he got known in the whole world.

Thilo was now on tour for a long long time and now, after the closing of Tracid Traxx, he decided to go exclusive to Blutonium Media Germany. Warmduscher will be back here with his next and first solo single on Blutonium Records called „Stow It (Halts Maul)“. And again a mad mix of hard percussions, drums and a killer paddern of a dancing Roland TB303, the legendary Acid maschine.

Now it looks like, that he will do his future business togehter with Blutonium Boy and DJ Neo. The reason for the fusion between Blutonium and Warmduscher was, that he is a very talented Dee Jay, and this ist that what you must be, that the Blutonium record label will sign and produce you!

Thilo is still a big name in the worldwide Hardstyle scene, so watch out what will happen more with this guy ..... called Warmduscher!