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Vincenzo`s serious interest in Music began in his earlyteenager days when he was engaged in Hip Hop andother styles of Black Music. Later, in the end of the 80´s when AcidHouse reached the Continent, he was infected by the sound and energy of this new type of clubmusic.

His deejay career started with playing at small club and private parties, where not only his friends were convinced by his talents, so it didn`t take long time until his first resident engagement.Vincenzo was early involved in Hamburg`s club scene, where he met Stefan Brügesch a.k.a. Steve Bug, who featured Vincenzo by getting him several DJ-gigs, e.g. at the party-series ‚Reduced` at Hamburgs cult club Front.

Next to his DJ activities, Vincenzo starts producing his own tracks: In the end of 1995 he released his first Maxi single together with Sandro Catallo, ‚Brunchbox EP` on Raw Elements (Raw 603). His first solo track called ‚Enchantment` followed on the 1st Raw Elements compilation soon. Together with Duffer Swift, he established the project Cascade, which had Releasesa on Stickman/Canada and on Stoopidness (PHONO-Sublabel). In addition to that Vincenzo releases a number of ‚Vincenzo` singles on Raw Elements and left Germany in the end of 1997 to spent a six months time in New York City, where he teamed up Alexi Delano (SVEK) to produce the first A.D.N.Y. & Vincenzo 12.