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Tube Tonic



André Pietschmann aka Tube Tube Tonic is a German based DJ producer focusing on the Dance & Hard Trance music style.

Tube Tonic, mostly known thanks to his singles ‘’Tube Tonic & DJ Shandar’’ is part of the most versatile DJs & producers from Germany. Together with his partner, David Kehl, they are part of the projects like ‘’Tube Tonic & DJ Shandar’’, ‘’Punkrockerz’’, ‘’Primax’’, ‘’Eternia’’, ‘’Die Hoerer’’, amongst many others.

‘’Brainstorm’’ , the title from his first work on which the german artist appeared and who was released on Lengo Records ( Edit of Deep Mission), catapulted him directly into the sets of the best Hard-Trance DJS and became an instant Club hit. Next, ‘’The Secret’’, who was released on Mental Madness was a Club hit for years. The sales figures surprised the label and the producer, and the album can still be heard today in Club.

In 2008, Tube Tonic appeared on ‘’Sunrise’’ with an international remix pack, and once again, he set himself straightoff into the sets of the DJs and into the Dance charts. The last common single, ‘’Take Control’’ (a cover from Flug auf dem Glückdrachen) was freshly released and it seems to be a long runner.
Tube Tonic will continue in the future working on his own projects alone and the first single solo is already set to be released and includes also an international remix package.

With more than 100 productions under his signature, Tube Tonic is without a doubt, one of the most Dance producers from Germany. He always fill music with enthusiasm and mixes on all music styles, always playing with the audience proximity who seems to embrace his moderation and animation.