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Thomas P Heckmann



Working under many labels and twice as many pseudonyms, Thomas P. Heckmann has kept true to traditional techno methods and resources. Heckmann was one of the first in his native land of Germany to explore a style of techno that is comparable with early Underground Resistance and +8 recordings. Thomas' tracks are strong with sounds that originate from the 303 and use of the four/four rhythm. His most well-known contributions come from working with his own label, Trope Records, Force Inc., and his releases under the names Drax and Age. He has also recorded under the names Exit 100, Skydiver, Spectral Emotions, and Purple Plejade -- to name a few. Heckmann started tinkering with techno when he was 11 years old, finding a niche with the second-generation acid techno style. He was lead there by his fondness for early KLF and 808 State. Heckmann's first recording, Liquid, came some years later and was under the name Exit 100 and for a new Frankfurt label named Force Inc. The 1992 release brought a lot of attention to the still-young Heckmann, landing him a deal to have Liquid licensed to Daniel Miller's English label, Mute Records. It gained him high marks from Melody Maker Magazine and reached number 20 on the 1992 French independent charts. Shortly thereafter, using the name Age, Heckmann released Trope. The song was a hit and is considered a staple in the trance techno fan diet.

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thomas p heckmann sulfur ep (Yellow & Black Marbled 12inch

thomas p heckmann

sulfur ep (Yellow & Black Marbled 12inch

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Label: nachtstromschallplatten
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