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Tempo O'neil



Tempo O?Neil is a very unique, singer and live Performer for all occasions. Described as an old school entertainer and a very Spiritual mic preacher, his vocals tones and melodies capture and entertain any crowd with his energy levels, entertaining and inspiring crowds in many clubs and festivals in the Uk & abroad, this artist has worked and performed with some great Influences in music and different genres from Reggae, Soul, R&B, Acid House, Garage, Tech/House, and Drum & Bass Hence the name ?Tempo? O?Neil' (elements).
The vocalist and live host has now set up his own label 'Liberation Party' and now writes & produces music under the name 'Architect (CAD)' this label will represent his musical influences of Tempo O'Neil past present and future music.

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.    

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.