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Suspect Delivery



It is all about sound, all about music, all about living an unstoppable nightlife and writing a soundtrack to these glowing city nights. All roads cross in Amsterdam, so they did for Mark Crow and Lolla Tek, who shared the passion for electronic music and nocturnal lifestyle with its ever-changing personality and everlasting thirst for fresh ideas and sound. They quickly gaining a reputation with their DJ performances, making dancefloors rock every single set, and their first release on Amsterdam label Strom Recordings, "Daisy is an Addict" EP, attracts a massive interest within official scene as well as among underground minimal lovers. Support comes from Paco Osuna, Ascii Disco, Baggi Begovic, Max Cooper, Dj Lin and many more. Suspect Delivery flashes like a dark supernova of underground club scene. At 2009 and 2010 they holding a residency at Korsakoff, one of the oldest clubs in Amsterdam, at "What Is On Your Mind" underground techno line, bringing on the freshest and the trendiest tendencies of world's minimal, techno and tech-house, and taking a part in shaping local underground club scene. They tour inside and outside the Netherlands, playing at different events and festivals all over Europe, seeking inspiration for their DJ performances and music. "Cannibalic" EP, released on Fixate Records, brings the beginning of a new era for Suspect Delivery. They developing a distinctive style, that succeeds to blend international tendencies into typical Amsterdam vibe. 2011 begins productively, bringing new releases, including re-release of "Cannibalic" EP, remix to Thomas Dieckmann's "London" on Unusual Sound Label, their own EP with remixes "Ritual" on Fixate, and more to come...