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Stereo Express



Few Belgian producers have made such a rapid and significant impact on the electronic music scene as Stereo Express.

In less than two years the man has entranced audiences all around the globe, with hits as cult classic "La Vie En Rose" or more recently the overwhelming cover of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams".

The present success didn't come accidently. It is the result of hard work and wholehearted commitment to music. Starting as a deejay Stereo Express rapidly enrolled on producing his own tunes. Inspired by Motown soul 80s and 90s pop.

He began to define his own musical vision. The second release "La Vie En Rose", was already a big hit, but in the end not much more than a foretaste of things to come. The big breakthrough came later, with two massive hits, "Shadoorack" and "Sweet Dreams". Stereo Express made a clear statement of intent as the two tracks were charted as number one on platforms as Beatport. As a result he got the opportunity to play at clubs and festivals all around the world, from Mexico to Russia.

Stereo Express is on a journey of reinvention. Driven by passion and knowledge the fire burns more brightly than ever. Without doubt Stereo Express has laid the groundwork for many more years in the spotlight.

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stereo express ft. ruben block sweet dreams

stereo express ft. ruben block

sweet dreams

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Label: white
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