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Stephan Woods



Stephan Woods is the darker, meaner alter-ego of Scottish rising-star Stephen Kirkwood. Better known for his releases on trance labels Spinnin' and Aria, not to mention his regular DJ slots at some of Scotland's biggest venues supporting everyone from Sander van Doorn to David Guetta, Stephen has long felt the draw of techno's dark clutches.

Like Dr. Jekyll did for Mr. Hyde, Stephan Woods allows Stephen Kirkwood to tap into his more primal side, bringing forth a raw and vicious sound which is perfectly showcased by his debut release on Audiojunkie, the distubingly titled "Thing" - a huge, pounding, techno monster of a track brimming full of dark, stabbing synths and thundering basslines, just waiting to rip your door off its hinges and threaten your nearest and dearest.

Rapidly gaining support from some of the worlds biggest DJs, it looks as though Stephen is going to have to fight to keep his darker side from taking over in the coming months and years!

With more tracks lined up and ready to release on a range of labels, Stephan Woods' sound is coming to a club near you soon................

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.