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Stanley Dixon



Stanley Dixon alias Marcus Blaschczyk saw to 28.04.1981 the light of the world. Already early its enthusiasm for the music became apparent, in which it along-whipped properly in the lap of its mother to the music. Its interest in the music rose and decided thus it at the age of 10 years the school of music to visit around Drums to learn. It had its enthusiasm for this instrument from its grandfather, who played volume in the former GDR with friends in a Drums. With approaching age, the interest and it shrank other from things dedicated themselves. At the age of 15 years he discovered then the electronic music. He began to investigate it, how her enstand, who made her and how she developed in the course of the years. Its interest rose as it in the clubs the DJs over the shoulder looked. It wanted to be able also and decided themselves a few Vinyls to buy. He learned fast and discovered his talent therein. Its self-confidence rose and it presented in various clubs such as FabriX, BPM, Renak or heating house. Since 2008 is it the label pure pure record joined and is established since then. With the label Acid tube record is it now a further step successfully umd humans there outside to show which in it is. And them Technos purify the good food hear to let.