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stacy kidd



I'm a Music Producer/DJ and CEO of Underground Elements Productions and founder and CEO of House 4 Life Records, plus i do work for Warner Music Group (Warner Brothers). I've worked and still work for a host of different Dance Music Labels: Maw Records, defected Records, ministry of sound, Basement Boys Records, Yellorange Records, Silk Entertainment, Loveslap Records, PeaceFrog Records, Moody Records, Dusttraxx Records, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Bumpin City Records, Headstone Records, and travel the world djing clubs and doing radio and tv shows. I've did shows and worked with the likes of Louie Vega & Kenny Dope (MAW), Tony Humphries, dj sneak, Daft Punk, paul johnson, Roy Davis Jr, Farley Jackmater Funk, kenny bobien, Frankie Knuckles, Byron Stingley, Steve Hurley, Terry Hunter, LiL Louis, Barbra Tucker, Twista, Busta, Sean Paul, Common, Elephat Man, R. Kelly, Diddy, The Roots, Jazzy Jeff, Funk Master Flex, Luda, Nelly and a host of others. I love to play basketball, shoot pool, bowling, minture golf and meeting new and fun people, so if your a open fun person that love to travel and live life to the fullest then hit me up on a friendship level or business :o)

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Prevent Everett / Stacy Kidd Groove Thang

Prevent Everett / stacy kidd

Groove Thang

VÖ-Datum: 23.06.2015
Label: Minuendo Recordings
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