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Soundstream project was founded in 2008 by Denis Timish (DJ FatCat) and Alexander Bulanov (Bulya), two students of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Actually they had been thinking about it since 2007, but officially everything started on September 17, 2008, with the recording of their first song Feels Like Heaven. The song reached #56 of 18000 in Soundclick.com Dance chart.

The second song was Rainy Day, an instrumental track, recorded half-November. Shortly after, they started collaborating with Andrew Sinenko (aka GungE), who helped with some ideas. By the end of the month a third song entitled Save You was ready. It was the first Soundstream song to feature vocals by Kate Lesing. In early December of the same year, 2 more songs were released : Don't Let Me Go and 4 Ever & 1 Night.

During second half of December 2008, the band members were very busy with the studies so music had to be put temporarily aside. Anyway, they found the time to record See Me Now in a few days before the New Year. See Me Now had success among dance music fans not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, particularly in Russia and Singapore (according to promodj.ru stats). It is considered as one of the best Soundstream songs.

In early April 2009 they recorded their debut album Number One, which contained all band's tracks recorded since 2008. This album was very successful on the Internet. The band took no rest and immediately started working on new songs. But, because of growing disagreements between Andrew Sinenko (GungE) and other band members, DJ FatCat and Bulya decided to stop collaborating with him on on April 23rd.

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Soundstream Bass Affairs


Bass Affairs

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