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Nayan Soukie and Fritz Windish are an intercity duo based in Berlin and Hamburg. They are deeply rooted in the north of Germany with strong ties to some of the best venues like Fusion Festival and Bachstelzen. In a short period of time the two have established their own sound, which suprises always with a variety of styles bewtween deephouse productions on URSL and 200 Records or more functional tracks with a Pop attitude on labels like Time has Changed and Liebe Detail. But you always have the signature of driving deepness, which works like a carpet under the feet and the long and psychedelic breaks make you shiver on the floor. Soukie & Windish are a shure shot for mature and dirty dancefloors, but they also like to play on virgin grounds in the beginning of the night. This does not imply that they do not guarantee an euphoric experience at peak time. Their sets are a mixture of Dj Set and Livesounds. Nayan Soukie is in the mix, with loops and effects, while Fritz Windish improvises with his huge collections of samples on this mix. The two are disassembling tracks on the flow and reintegrate new dynamics on the groove and sounds into breaks, they never miss the perfect drop and the whole performance seems to emerge from a single mystery source. The time is flying and the energy of the two is always infecting the crowd! Follow them and you will see that they will be a driving force of technomusic in the future.

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Soukie & Windish Kubla Khan

soukie & Windish

Kubla Khan

VÖ-Datum: 23.07.2014
Label: ursl
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.