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Solar Eclipse



The musically first lines of Stefan Schenk aka Rapid-S aka Solar Eclipse are based in the early 80`s of the last century. Inspired by Breakdance and the joint trend-setting electronic sound was the first cornerstone charged of his further life.The first Stepp was to save money for his own DJ-Setup. And then, hour per hour he skilled the technics of turntablism and after a long hard way and in thanks to his enthusiasm and patience was growing the first success. He entertained smal partys and present his ideas of music. Parallel to this time he had a chance to work at the famous Important Record Store in Essen-City. Now he did to pick up the latest records, promotion copys or white labels and he meet there some other important DJ`s, promoter and label owner. So was changing his smal partys to bigger and bigger events.Two years later, 1998, it was not longer possible to arrange the work at Important Records and his intended professional goals. So the collaboration was gone. But in this time and with the money of Important Record Store he bought his first studio equipment. Now he was not longer only a DJ, no, he was also a startup producer and founder of Solar Eclipse Records. His own label for his own music. An uphill time was following but already in April 1999 he released the first record as a white label in strictly limited number of 100 copys world wide. But he hit the taste of some other important producer, distributors and labels and the next releases of Solar Eclipse was released with a fine artwork and in a bigger number of copys. With the Solar Eclipse number 05 he start up a collaboration with PhutureRave Records in London.He released as the ?Man Eater? the PRV 001 in UK and some other songs on Nordcore Records, Epileptik Records,5th Gear,the EBE Company,The Third Movement,LOS Music and Conflict Records. And he create an other white label project called E-CDC 000.

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