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Smootrab, real name Bart Ooms, previously known as Jigs (Born February 12, 1980). He is a new upcoming producer, trying to achieve his stamp in the music scene over the coming years. Since the age of 14 he followed the electronic music & club scene, spinning as a local DJ. As years past by, he never lost his love for music, but didn?t focus on becoming a known name in the club scene. He graduated cum laude in clinical chemistry and later on he started a family. But he always got updated with the newest track releases on the House scene and as a bedroom DJ he spinned at online events and broadcasted some webradio shows. Thanks to ?Open Music Synergy?, a Flemish DJ/Producer group on the social network site ?Facebook?, he came in contact with beginning and more advanced producers. In 2010 he couldn?t resist the eager to learn more about music production. In just 1 year, working really hard, learning to make beats, analyzing tracks from his favourite artists, struggling through many video tutorials, books, manuals and tips from other producers, he stepwise evolved and got the hang of it. Dedicated to his vision, that everything is possible for those who believe in it, his determination to succeed and motto ?live ur dream? got him recognized as a new producer in town. January 2011, he got signed as ?Jigs?, with his first EP. Soon followed by a track on a WMC 2011 sampler album and by March 2011 he signed all his other tunes under his new name ?Smootrab?.

He?s a very motivated producer trying to create his own sound without holding on to one specific style of music. It varies from Tech House to Club House, from Progressive to straight up Techno with no boundaries. He likes to use tribal percussion, loves deep basslines, funky or latin grooves and experiments with more progressive uplifting breaks, Fx & drops.

Stay tuned cause some more exciting releases are coming for sure!

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Smootrab One Man Show


One Man Show

VÖ-Datum: 19.10.2012
Label: Planet Scaldia
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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.