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Spanish Hardtechno DJ & Producer

Born 1989 December 11th in Madrid, began to move from an early age in the Madrid's hip hop scene. With 13 years he started to show his creative skills with a can of paint from walls to trains from his city.

At 16 he became interested in electronic music and started to visit his first raves. His interest in electronic music is not defined yet in a particular style, until he met the techno, which one became interested in their dark and strong branches. Finally ended found the HardTechno style which definitely decanted and starts producing. From production, shortly after becomes to mix.

Just a year after start mixing makes his first public performance in CODE, sharing line up with producers like FL-X, Greg NoTill, Scott Kemix y Waldhaus & Weichentechnikk.

Since then he has performed in clubs and free partys like Fabrik (Madrid), Kashmir Underground (Hungary), B-Lack (Austria), WhyNot Disco (Italy), RESET Club (Madrid), Hard Beats (Portugal), Salas Pirandello 1 & 2 (Madrid), La Cova (Barcelona), Histeria (Barcelona), Millenium (Gerona)
Since 2010 working on a 4 decks and production project with MKM and from 2012 is completely focused to his LIVE! Set.

Is now considered a national reference in terms of production, his tracks are authentic "dance hits" and never are missing on the sets of the top artists.