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Paul Hartmut Würdig (born 30 November 1980[1]), better known as Sido, is a German rapper. The name "Sido" is an abbreviation for "superintelligentes Drogenopfer" ("super intelligent drug victim"), or previously "Scheiße in dein Ohr" ("shit into your ear").

Würdig distinguishes himself by using provocative and aggressive lyrics. After his breakthrough with his debut album Maske in 2004, Würdig was always seen wearing a silver skull mask. However, as stated in various interviews, since 2005 he no longer wears the mask, having handed it to his former boss Specter.

Würdig's career began in 1997, as one half of duo Royal TS (now A.i.d.S) with B-Tight, both of whom were later signed to the label Berlin hip hop Royal Bunker and then to Aggro Berlin in 2001.

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