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Shadowcore started to produce hardcore back in 1997/98. (Then known as Recall.)

The first vinyl records was released in 2002. The Shadowcore project was started
in 2006 when the track "Life & Death" was released on Violent Recordings.

Since then, he has released tracks on several labels like: Hard Kryptic Records,SFU Records, Apocalypse Recordings, From The Morgue Recordings& T.I.T. Records?

In march 2010 Shadowcore released his first album ?Noises In My Head? on Hard Kryptic Records. On this album can you hear the sound Shadowcore now stands for and produce:industrial hardcore, with his own twist & unique style!

Shadowcore also plays on parties. He has played in many different parties all across Sweden, since 2003, like: Shocks Prospect, Only-VIP, Machine Core I & II,Fucking Hardcore II and the Macabre Secrets parties. In june 2010 he did his first international performance in Finland.

Shadowcore is always producing new dark, experimental, industrial hardcore sounds,so watch out for his new releases in the near future!