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Session Victim



Session Victim demonstrate a charming disregard for the boundaries of house music, and unleash an unparallelled energy behind the decks. This pair of devoted vinyl DJ’s from the small town of Lüneburg in Germany delve and dabble into everything from Disco to Soul to Hip Hop and back again, stamping their wild personalities on every performance, leaving a crowd of smiling faces in their path.

The late James Brown aside, you won’t see anyone with such a visceral connection with soul than Session Victim in the midst of a DJ set or live show.

Listening to their intricate work on Wolf Music, Permanent Vacation and Retreat (the vinyl only imprint that Hauke runs with Quarion) it’s easy to hear how Session Victim have also become the ‘go to’ producers for an expertly crafted dance floor bomb.

When you combine the remixing and DJ credentials with the release of their debut album on Delusions of Grandeur, one of the most hyped house labels out there, and the label says ‘we’re very proud and happy to be presenting their debut LP The Haunted House Of House on our humble label’, you begin to feel the warm respect that exists around these two crate digging aficionados as musicians in their own right.

Two of the most studious and unpretentious heads in house music, the secret to Matthias Reiling and Hauke Freer’s success is bound up in over two decades of friendship and a genuine obsession with music composition, samples and the warm crackle of a well-loved piece of vinyl. Mocking their penchant for locking themselves in their treasured Berlin studio in their name, ‘Session Victim’ have had a prolific and shimmering presence since their underground hit ‘Good Intentions’ reduced Move D to tears when he used it to close his Free Rotation set.

Session Victim are the antithesis to both the superstar DJ and the hipster DJ. You won’t find them dressed head to toe in black wearing skinny jeans and a neckerchief and you won’t find them playing the same set more than once. What they play depends on you and each other and the beauty of this never ever yields the same result.

Several tours to America, trips to Russia, Japan and a full club and festival schedule throughout Europe during 2012 and 2013 led to even more studio lockdowns and the release of the widely played ‘Glow in the Dark’ EP on Delusions of Grandeur and the highly acclaimed ‘Random Blues’ on Wolf Music, both of which reflect a hungry, determined Session Victim on top of their game.

With a new EP on Retreat out and remixes for Midnight Magic and DWIG about to be released, Session Victim put all their studio effort into their second album, crafting tools for their live show, tracks for their DJ sets, and songs to bridge the gap.