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Sam Silva



My first steps in mixing took place when I was 16 years old, after a great discovery : a tape with a dave clarke set at the "Fuse". I was impressed by his incredible ability to juggle with vinyls, and I soon bought my first tools : two Technics SLK 1200 and a little mixer. One year later, I regularly played at " The Laboratory " and in many parties and was appreciated as a " solid " DJ with a knocking sound. I have played in many radio shows like Hi-tek on Equinoxe and on Warm Fm. From regular Techno hard to " hard techno ", I evolved toward a quicker beat, creating my own concept for my parties : " Iffy, hard techno for hard people ?. That was my way to promote schranz style. After more experiences in Belgium, I began to think about creating my own music. It's very difficult to bring a personal touch to your sets, apart from your mixing style. So I decided to buy a PC and some programs to begin to work on my own tracks.
In the beginning of the year 2007, Sam Silva and Stavros shared their same interest and passion for hard techno music. They ended up creating this new label : 3srecordings.

In beginning of the year 2009,after five massive releases on 3SRecords, ,we both decided to create a new platform..We begin in techno muisic before playing hard techno so it?s no old news for us : we never really drop the line... With Plector Records,we really intend to show our personal vision of Pure Techno material.

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sam silva four

sam silva


Release date: 08.07.2013
Label: plector
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