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Martin Agoya a.k.a Risasi a.k.a me started off as my Mentor and musical Godfather poxi presha?s back up Artiste way back in the mid 90?s featuring in two of poxi?s albums with the Deh Menshan Crew ?.
The crew comprised of poxi, fullstop (black supremacy), newtone, suzuki and me. Due to some difference in interests and disagreements between me my mentor poxi i decided to quit the crew n went solo doing a dis track which had an immense critical acclaim and positive response, so i decided to further forge ahead and do my 1st album with Andrew madebe of jikoni studios titled ?right track? coz for the first time in my life i was making a decision in my musical career that had all my hard work with the crew at stake but still felt i was on the right track.
Suzuki later joined me and we did the album together. Songs like ?Mombasa raha? Feat. Nyota Ndogo, ?Niko Masaa? and ?Mbona? did great and the response encouraging. Later we (suzuki and i) did our second album with hassan majid and babli omar of TABASAM RECORDS titled MZIKI YANGU. Which futured monster hits like ?miss digida?, ?mr deejay? ?leta show? ?Ngoma? ft Cloud Tissa and ?wacha waseme? featuring Ugandan superstar Jose Chameleone.
Riding on the success of the album i decided to invest in a music lab SASAITA ENTERTAINMENT in partnership with Austria based dance hall/ragga artiste Cloud Tissa where i?ve done my debut solo ALBUM ?MUMMY? which among others includes the smash dancehall anthem ?WATU WOTE? featuring collo a.k.a D.E.P of KLEPTOMANIAX.
The album also features artists like Riko, C.L.D, Lady Bee , Cloud Tissa and Cannibal.
Cloud Tissa in part works on professional videos and different talented producers doing audio production. Since 2011 Risasi makes a collaboration with DJ Axel F. (from Germany) and his Label: SPOK-Media Records.

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Risasi How U Like


How U Like

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Label: SPOK-Media Records
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