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Remute (aka Hamburg-Cityboy Denis Karimani) is not just the owner of the www-domain 'Techno.xxx' --- he is also for sure one of the most productive, energetic and crazy protagonists of this genre. Since his teenage days the Belgrade-born producer released on labels like Traum, Areal, Dial, Bedrock or Tresor and sharpened his reputation as a creator of unconventional, but sure-shot-floorfillers!

Besides countless, worldwide gigs at festivals, raves á la Mayday and cult-clubs like Berghain, he is also a very well-known and popular remixer for artists like Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Dominik Eulberg, Punks Jump Up or Solomun; furthermore he is still the world record holder concerning the longest remix (60 minutes of pure madness for Oculus from Iceland!) in dance-music-history. His own productions got remixed by artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, 2000 & One, Aka Aka, Snuff Crew or Richard Bartz.

Remute had his final breakthrough in 2008 after he launched his own, self-titled, label 'Remute'. Its first release and mega hit 'Zuendli' triggered an unprecedented wave of techno-euphoria and the catchy, thrilling helicopter-sounds caused clubber's jaw clenching and teeth grinding for months, well, for years even!

More and more distinctive releases followed like 'The Orgy' (including a sample of his own blood with each of the limited album editions!), 'Cowbell Mania' (the ultimate cowbell-sampling-massacre!), 'Der Gute Mensch' (with Vienna legend Louie Austen) or 'Lampuca For Me', which, also thanks to Erol Alkan's heavy support, became a massive club hit not only for the oldschool techno heads but as well for the nu rave kids.

In addition to his 'main job' as Remute, Denis sometimes also uses aliases like 'Smrtphone', whose banging tune '#1' got transformed into a Coachella bigroom-anthem by UK mega star Sasha, and he also runs a successful artist-label called 'RemuteD' with releases by for example ex-Hacienda-resident and Justice-remixer Justin 'Deadstock 33s' Robertson or the officially licensed soundtrack for the 15+-million-youtube-click meme-phenomenon 'Technoviking'. Moreover he created the comic-hero 'Sheep Whore' together with Everett Peck (creator of 90s cult series 'Duckman')...

The recent and probably most ambitious opus of self-confessed retro-game-nerd (be sure to check out his album 'Theme Tunes for 10 Games Never Made!) Remute is called 'REMUTE24' and is a neverending album :

Every friday another tune named after the hottest news-headline of the week gets released and this tune will be conceived and recorded just a couple of hours before the release-date with the help of recent zeitgeist and his flexible, context-sensitive sound-library --- we already witnessed danceable stories about contaminated cucumbers, big strikes, oil crisis, zig zag stock exchange trouble and more... Remute even made the longest electronic music track in music-history : It is exactly 24 hours long!

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remute zuendli (dj rush remix)


zuendli (dj rush remix)

VÖ-Datum: 17.02.2014
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    12" Germany
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remute gravity



VÖ-Datum: 06.08.2013
Label: remute641
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