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Marc Würgler is DJ Remady: the latest European breakthrough artist. From his hometown of Zurich, Remady has established himself as a stalwart of the European dance scene and in 2010 enjoyed huge mainstream success with ‘No Superstar’ - a track that will soon be dominating the dance floors and airwaves across the world.

Taking a lead from his older brother, Remady starting DJing in his early teens, developing his technique behind the decks and taking inspiration from various scenes such a D&B and UK Garage before discovering House. Building on his first release as part of the Sweet & Sexy Crew, DJ Remady has subsequently established himself as a solo artist with a string of releases on labels such as Houseworks, Ultra, Ministry Of Sound and Maelstrom.

DJ Remady first released a number of singles on Houseworks such as ‘Electrical Orgasm’, ‘Pulse X’ and the ‘Electro EP’ series that received critical acclaim from a number of international tastemakers and began to cement his reputation as a leading producer. His first solo single (‘No Superstar’) took Europe by storm. Initially released on Houseworks, ‘No Superstar’ was licensed across Europe, featured on over 200 compilations and become a bona fide crossover smash. ‘No Superstar’ hit #1 in Switzerland, Norway and Denmark – holding the top sales position for up to 8 consecutive weeks – and also achieved top ten positions in many further territories including France and Germany. ‘No Superstar’ has currently received over 10,000,000 hits on YouTube also received Gold Status for its sales in Switzerland and Denmark.