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Reinier Zonneveld



Reinier Zonneveld started making music at a very young age. He was inspired by very diverse sounds and types of music around him and moved from reenacting to composing his own pieces. After hearing the music of artists like Steve Reich and Philip Glass, his interest for Minimalistic music raised. He felt like he had discovered a new world of sound after he heard LP's composed by artists from the likes of Klaus Schulze. At first, he only used a computer to make his electronic music, later on he implemented hardware gear like synthesizers as well. because he always tried out new things and experimented a lot, he created a sound of his own.
Right now his main focus lies on (minimal) Techno music. His tracks always have a very unique atmosphere, ranging from very deep and introspective, to banging and agressive. Besides the production of standalone tracks, Reinier is also working on partly improvised live sets. In 2012 his first EP wil be released at Intertech Records, and throughout the first quarter of that year many more will follow.