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Razor Racun



Date of Birth: 22 June 1979 in Sibiu (Hermanstadt) ? Romania. Before he was even 11 Razor Racun started developing a special love to music and a big passion for mixing it. At that time he had no chance to fulfill his dreams because of his age and of the financial situation. Despite all these shortcomings he tried mixing old tapes of the artists he liked. With the relocation to Austria came a new period of his life. At the first Obsession festival (a 3 days festival) in 1996 in Villach he became aware of his love for electronic music. Together with two friends he bought himself a CD-player and two turntables. He started rehearsing in a small room and continued with great performances at various parties.

He proved what he was capable of at several parties in Graz , Vienna etc. He has already performed with Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire, Boriqua Tribes, Hifi Princess, Nathan Cole, Marco Nastic, Oliver Huntemann, Basic Implant, Alex Bau, Virgin Helena and many more at several locations in Austria like: Tunnel Vienna (Fever), ÖBB hall (Subway), Love Parade in Vienna as well as various locations in Graz like Theatro, Arcadium, The Dom and many more. Although very aggressive, his mixing was very well received by the public.

Since 2001 he has been on various tours in Romania and has performed in many clubs in Constanta , Bucharest , Brasov , Iasi , Oradea , Sibiu , Cluj, Pitesti and many more. Together with several partners, amongst which BAT (British American Tobacco), he took part in numerous events in the following years, for which he was also part of the organization staff. At the beginning of 2002 he finally came to fulfill one the his childhood dreams: he opened up a record shop called ?2nd face?, that was the first record shop in Romania having several branches in Sibiu , Brasov and Bucharest and of course, with online distribution.

At the end of 2006 he decided to produce some music. Some of his oldest friends are now his partners in numerous projects: Christian Canna and Roberto Paky. He is a member of the Soundfreaks@work. He also takes part in various events like the Ship Trip Croatia (an event that normally takes place as far as three times a year at a wonderful location which is a ship cruising the Adriatic Sea). 2010 is very busy for Razor Racun: he is involved in producing music and releasing EPs for the PetrolDollar label.

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