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Ray Kajioka



Ray is a german techno producer, DJ and live performer since 1995. He is well-known for his work on Kanzleramt Music, Rotation Records, MakTub, Müller Records, as well as his remixes for artists like Dave Clarke, Pawas, Joel Mull and Beroshima.

A distinguishing and striking aspect of his music is certainly the warm spheric and impulsive sound, which is constantly present in all his productions. Ray's live and DJ-performance encompasses all the elements of today's modern Techno-NuHouse, but has it’s feet firmly planted in the roots of the Detroit-vibe. "The typical Ray-sound!", as some call it simply, is appreciated all around the globe and had taken him to events in Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania amongst others.

Born and raised in the small city Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 1980, Ray already as a child had fun to jingle on each object around him that sounds. His mother gave him his name from the Soul and Jazz-legend Ray Charles, like she had already known his affinity to music before birth. “I’ve felt music in me at all times and wherever I saw a piano standing around, I just couldn't resist touching it". He even sometimes stole his mom's cooking pots and plastic bowls converted into drum sets, which he used to play with, while music shows were running on TV. For Ray's parents reason enough to get their lively junior finally a real instrument.

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ray kajioka gravity

ray kajioka


VÖ-Datum: 06.08.2013
Label: kanzleramt
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